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Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate you taking the time to visit and learn more about my books and me. Here you will meet Detective Second Class Frank Callahan, the gay cop who is the blue-collar hero of my crime-fiction novels. But be careful. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and would just as soon kick butt as not. If you have any comments for Frank or me, we’d be happy to hear them.

—Bob Frey

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The DVD Murders
The Bashful Vampire & Comic Book Murders
Catawampus Tales
Seldom Seen Animals
Supermale's Gone and Left Us
Zombie Fight Song
The Incendiary Man
Unemployment Benefits

A memorable Character

"Detective Frank Callahan has a lot on his plate. Not only is he mourning the loss of a relationship while dealing with bigots at work on a daily basis, he's handed a career-making opportunity when A-list actors start dropping like flies. A serial killer, out to rectify the immoral world of Hollywood, is on the loose and terrifying everyone down the Walk of Fame. Detective Callahan—who just happens to be gay—navigates the internal and external politics of the LAPD as he tries to stay ahead of the game despite all the obstacles put in his way. Bob Frey has written a memorable character by defying stereotypes in creating a whole person who's neither sinner nor saint. Frank Callahan is just the kind of man needed to stop the DVD Killer before more Hollywood stars fall from the sky."H.L. Cherryholmes, Author of A Slight Touch

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Addictive Series

“In the Bashful Vampire Murder and Comic Book Murders, Bob Frey exhibits his fun and quirky style that is anything but your typical murder story. In two unique murder cases, readers are offered two stories revolving around very abnormal circumstances: a murderer who claims to be a vampire killer and a series of murders that have startling similarities to comic book stories. For readers who enjoy the quirky charm of the television show Castle, Frey’s style is the perfect fusion of murder investigation and bizarre (and often darkly humorous) murder stories. The Frank Callahan stories are addictive, leaving you anxious for the next story about the LAPD detective upon these peculiar cases fall.”—palmbeachprincess, five stars Amazon customer review

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An Unexpected Surprise

Catawampus Tales is a compilation of Bob Frey's short stories, ranging from satire and sci-fi to horror and fantasy. With intriguing titles such as 'Supermale's Gone and Left Us,' 'When Push Comes to Shove,' 'Sugar and the Bikers,' and 'Zombie Fight Song,' the audience's curiosity will be put to the ultimate test in each of these short stories. Short story subjects include horny bachelors, nerds, college life, the corporate world, vampires, and much more. Catawampus Tales is easy and a relatively quick read, filled with humor and bizarre scene after scene. Beneath all the craziness, Catawampus Tales is well-written with a meaningful message about the role of men in society. If you want to read romance, comedy, thriller, or horror, this is the perfect book--it has something for everyone. Frey's collection is unique and has unexpected surprises packed in every short story. For readers looking for something different, something catchy, and something that packs endless punch and energy, Catawampus Tales is a must read.”—Mihir Shah, five stars Amazon customer review

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You will laugh your head off

“I thought this book was hilarious. Now I know what happens to all those missing socks from the washer. And next time Mom scolds me for making a mess, I can just remind her of the critters that are really to blame. My favorite seldom seen animal is 'The Fast Fingered Fleck.' Finally, an explanation as to the whereabouts of all the missing items our family has. I would definitely read this book. You will laugh your head off.”—meemaw, Ayesha Reviews, five stars Amazon review

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Where have all the superheroes gone?

“Supermale is the epitome of good guy, saving the world from evil, kind of superhero. But can a guy like that survive in modern times? Well, it ain't easy that's for sure. So Supermale finds out in his deportation hearing. Illegal alien. His supposed homeland doesn't exist. Superhero is not on the list of special skills. Then, there's the mental problems. After all, he obviously has a split personality, paranoid, and thinks he has superpowers. How can things get worse?

“I thoroughly enjoyed 'Supermale's Gone and Left Us.' Where have all the superheroes gone? Well, if they're smart they are keeping their heads down and hiding out somewhere safe.”—Tami Brady, TCM Reviewer, five stars Amazon review

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Sometimes it is better to apologize

“I totally enjoyed reading 'Zombie Fight Song.' I could totally relate Steve's character to that of many single men that I know. Rather than lose face in an argument, even if they are obviously wrong, they would rather be macho and fight somebody. In this case the tables were turned because Steve appeared to be dealing with a monster. Or perhaps he really wasn't one, and this was Steve's way to justify being a jerk. Definitely a fun read!”
Paige Lovitt, Reader Views, five stars Amazon review

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Hotter Than Hell

“'The Incendiary Man' is a fun read. Bob Frey takes us into the mind of a man who might just be totally crazy, and imagining everything. But in his world, it is 100% real. So in his reality, the Incendiary Man does have an existence. As for his friends, perhaps they are only real in his world as well. Reading this story lets you step into someone else's world for a moment. Not only does this give you a break from your reality, but perhaps it might also make you appreciate your reality more, unless of course you have a supernatural being running around burning people up in your world as well.”— Paige Lovitt, Reader Views, five stars Amazon review

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Idle hands are the devil's tool

“Having experienced episodes of unemployment myself, I can understand how Walter could feel too depressed to go looking for work. Futile was the word that came to mind when I read this story. Especially since I suspected that his daydreaming might have played a role in being fired. Even if Walter didn't see it this way, I did. So instead of doing something to better himself, he dreams up ways to kill people. Not very productive, however, since this is a fictional story, I found it to be highly entertaining.

“The message here is about the importance of keeping yourself too busy to have time to dream up ways of killing people. "Unemployment Benefits" is another fun read from Bob Frey.”— Paige Lovitt, Reader Views, 5 stars Amazon review

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